Caliper rebuild?

thejimrose thejimrose at
Mon May 5 10:19:05 PDT 2008

Craig - I'd try Mike Kim at purems - he tends to have the best prices

I still can't believe you stuck a 2.7 in an a4 with stock brakes. You sir,
are mental. =)

Hey fellow Audinauts,
>    Does anyone know the least expensive place to get a  caliper rebuild
> kits?  I still have the stock A4 calipers(I know, retarded  with all the
> power but
> I cant afford S4 brakes at the moment)  I think one  is binding and would
> like to rebuild them both, but cant seem to find a kit for  the front,
> only the
> rear.
> Any suggestions would be helpful!
> Thanks!
> Craig K.  Porter
> 98 A4 2.7tq  6-speed, Stage 2+

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