Slave cylinder hose...

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Sun May 11 11:03:53 PDT 2008

I went to my FLAPS yesterday, and indeed there is no 12mm brake hose for any
import car. Except _maybe_ for the rear calipers of some MINI Cooper,
according to my contact there. It seems there is 2 caliper types for these
2002-07 cars, and one do use 12mm hoses. Maybe someone will stop at the MINI
dealer one day and confirm this route ?

Now, I've removed the crimps and the old hose, and it is obvious that
rebuilding is easy. After cleaning, the ends are perfect, not rusted at all
(might be stainless, hence the 88$) and any hydraulic shop will recreate one


> -----Message d'origine-----
> I had to replace my slave hose this winter. The local hydraulic shop made
> one for around $30 while I waited. I don't think that you will be able to
> match one up.

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