Audis and Iron Man Movie

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Jim Hi,
I think I heard them say that they used CGI (computer generated imaging)
in order to do it so "vivid"
Take care

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Agreed.  I think using stunt cars in movies only really thrills the
people without any mechanical knowledge because they don't see through
the impossiblilities of making equipment do what they do.
I am a bit skeptical about their claim that they couldn't disable the
anti-lock brakes.
Couldn't their "veteran" stunt people just plumb the hydraulic brake
lines past the anti-lock actuator under the hood or is this too simple?
Did you also catch how just the rear wheels were burning rubber on the
Q7's getaway?
I wonder how they accomplished that on a quattro?   Cut the front
It's all great fun to watch though.

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I guess AUDI marketing people are targeting future owners without any

mechanical knowledge at all. But then again how many of today's drivers

now anything about it????

Take care



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