95 A6q AC oil replenishing question

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The not  precise answer is : not much. But you already know that.
You need the  correct specs for this system, but you know that too... that's
why you've  asked the list. Overfill is a common mistake, so be sure to get
the  specs.
Just as an example, for my Saab 9-5, a line replacement needs 15 ml,  and a
receiver dryer 30 ml. Plus another 15 ml for the refrigerant  replacement.
Overall volume for this R134a system is only 145  ml.

That's interesting.  I thought I read in the Bentley that the overall  PAG 
oil was 250 ML, or approximately 8 OZ.  Can anyone confirm this for the  95 A6q 
134A system?
I know a very good parts person at the local VW Dealer that just gave  me an 
8-oz container of PAG Oil.  I buy every one of my dealer parts that  has a VW 
cross reference through him.  The local Audi Dealer is 15 miles  away and has 
not heard of discounting for the DIY guy.  
Since you now need to buy your Audi-Only parts through an Audi Dealer, It's  
either the local Audi Yahoo or one of several Audi Dealers on the net 
(_www.audipartsdepot.com_ (http://www.audipartsdepot.com)  or 
_www.genuineaudiparts.com_ (http://www.genuineaudiparts.com) ) one of them  has a deal where you get 
discounted rates if you claim you're a member of  AudiWorld.com.  Where's the 
respect for the AudiFans List??
Anyway, these guys can ship to my door for less than I can pick the parts  up 
for at the local dealer, and I usually get it in the same amount of  time.
Oh well, off to do the timing belt, and the valve seals, and the sunroof,  
and, well, a whole lot of other things...
-- Tom
Charleston, SC
95 A6q 5-speed
88 80q many, many miles, needs to go to a good home.

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