quattro Digest, Vol 55, Issue 53 - CIS injector testing

Peter Orban orbanp1 at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 08:01:09 PDT 2008

Hi Louis-Alain,

I have jury-rigged a tester similar to what is in the Bentley manual for the original Rabbit, to test opening pressure and spray pattern for CIS injectors. I used a small bottle jack that I gutted (took out the piston), added a pipe with a pressure gauge and fitting for the injector. It worked fine as I recall. I used it to fix the FI system on the Scirocco that rusted up from water in the fuel. I also successfully disassembled/reassembled the metering unit and cleaned the rust out.

Good luck, Peter

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While I am nearing the startup on my refurbished WX (the engine is in the
hole, it misses only cooling and fueling) I want to test the 25 or so
injectors I have here. I know I can install all the stuff in the car, and
put the injectors in 5 different bottles while I push up on the air plate to
see the pattern and volume. Is there another way of testing the injectors,
while in situ or on the bench ? I have plenty of braided hoses, 2 metering
heads, 2 fuel pumps, etc.


Thanks in advance,




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