87 5ktcs intermittent no start update and front strut question

Dave Yentema yentemad at rider.edu
Thu May 29 15:19:13 PDT 2008

Well, figured that I should post an update on how I made out with my intermittent no start issue. I changed out just about every vacuum line which made it idle smoother once started, and adjusted my CO. Car starts and runs absolutely beautifully now, so thanks to all of you that helped me with this.

Now my new problem is that today while driving home, i noticed my suspension was a little more squirrely than usual and i felt something rattling through my foot on the top left of the floorboard. I pulled over to check it out, and my LF axle and other various components were covered with a mist of oil and as a shook the car i could see and hear that the rattling was coming from my strut. Bouncing the car on the LF corner just supported my discovery, car bounced as if there wasn't even a strut there. Now i know that my strut is blown, I'm just wondering what are my options are far as replacing it is. I know that struts should always be done in pairs, and i have all of the time and tools needed to do both fronts, i don't really have the money to buy a set. The best price on OE type front struts that i've been able to come up with is about 60 bucks a piece. 

Maybe one of you guys has a reasonably good conditing OE strut for this car that i can purchase until i get up the money to put in some nice aftermarket ones?


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