Slushbox juice?

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Thu Nov 6 16:16:28 PST 2008

Regardless fo past experience, i doubt this since both the BMW  
( well, many of them) and Audi boxes are equivelent ZF transmissions.  
I have the ZF cross reference list.  The fuids must be the same.

Some BMWs however use hydra-matics, whcih are not used in Audis. Too  
bad, they last forever.

On Nov 6, 2008, at 4:02 PM, john at wrote:

> You asked:
> "Hello Listers,
> Ok, damning the risk of starting a flame war here, what is the best
> possible auto transmission fluid to use in a Tiptronic?  Subject is an
> '01 S4 avant."
> JC
> You're limited in choices.  You can buy it from a VW or Audi  
> dealer, or you can buy Pentosin "ATF-1".  IME, the Pentosin works  
> fine in VAG products, not so well in BMWs (I dunno why).
> You MUST NOT use any of the "red" fluids, even the synthetics.
> John
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