subframe bushings

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Thu Nov 6 19:59:39 PST 2008

Hi vittorio,

Is it for your rally 4kq ?

If so, then the bushings are dealer only, and from my experience in 2004,
ordering the 8 bushings from my Canadian dealer was a 720$ affair... But at
this time, I was in France for work each other month, and a fellow Swiss
lister (hi Ado !) provide me some OEMs for 18$ each, and send them to me at
the hotel for 20$. Don't forget to order some new bolts, 4$ each, they are
supposed to be replaced at each R&R.

As for the difference, if I remember well, front and rears are different on
the front subframe, but the rear subframe use the same for the rear
position, while the fronts of the rear subframe are specific. Or was it the
other way ?

To be clearer :

FF : 857 199 415b
FR : 857 199 419b

RF : 857 199 419c
RR : 857 199 415b

The difference is durometer I guess, since they are similar sized.


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Hi - does anyone know if subframe bushings are dealer only or NLA -
can't seem to find any on-line - although 034 does have a set of
Aluminum for $70.

Also, on each subframe ETKA shows 2 part number for the forward vs
rearward bushings - any idea what the difference is.


Vittorio -


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