Exhaust Hangers for quattro 90

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Sounds good
I will try it
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  If you have a desire to make your own- a sidewall from a used tire.  They'll never wear out.

  Mark Rosenkrantz

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    > I have read somewhere that chain reinforced exhaust hangers are available
    > somewhere. Does any know where?
    > I would like to solve the problem of frequently braking hangers that can
    > then cause the exhaust to drop on the rotating halfshaft with nasty
    > results!!!.

    ***** VW's use the chain re-inforced exhaust hangers as a replacement
    for their always failing standard rubber hangers.
    I bought several from my local Parts guy - I think they were around
    $7.00 each. I see that you are from the land of Oz - my local guy wont
    be of much help to you.

    Putting on the re-inforced hangers is not so easy as they dont bend or
     stretch much. I had to unbolt the cat from the downpipe and unbolt
    the cat support in order to allow the exhaust pipe enough movement to
    work the hangers onto their mounting points. PITA.

    Standard replacement hangers rarely last a year. It pays to go under
    the car twice a year and give them a once over to make sure they
    havent broken.

    The hangers break so often that I'm tempted to make my own. The
    material for the hangers would be same as what they make outside door
    mats our of - old tires? Take a strip of the material and make a donut
    out of it . . and rivet the piece to intself using stainless steel

    Maybe something like a worn out bicycle tire would work. the material
    is thinner so you can wrap it around itself several times and  just
    use one rivet to hold it together.

    Syljay in NJ

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