Phatbox help needed

Stephen Kormilo stephen at
Mon Nov 10 17:34:50 PST 2008

I too had a similar problem with my Phatbox recently. Worked fine in the 
cradle attached to my PC, but not in the car. I figured it might be a 
loose connection, since I had been over a rough road just before the 
problem arose. I don't know for sure whether that was the problem, but 
disconnecting, then reconnecting the cable fixed it. Reboot????


Stephen Kormilo
Nanoose Bay, BC

2002 Audi A4 3.0 - Silver
1998.5 Audi A4 2.8 - Silver
1985 Mazda Rx7 GSL-SE - Black

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> Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 07:55:56 -0800 (PST)
> From: mike mcclurg <rrrrraudi at>
> Subject: Phatbox help needed
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> My Phatbox recently stopped working and I need some help.
> I'm hoping that someone one this list can help me. The phatbox is mounted in a quattro, but it's an '01 S4. I tried the biturbo list first, but did not get much response.
> I'm pretty sure the DMS cartridge itself is ok since it will still play through 
> the cradle when hooked to my PC. It's just that the stereo in my car will not 
> recognize it. Is it possible that the PHTSYS folder has been corrupted? Can 
> someone email me a clean copy of the files on the PHTSYS drive so I can rebuild 
> it? Will this work?
> It seems that the Phatbox site on the internet does not have the support 
> information that it used to have.
> Thanks for the help!
> Mike
> rrrrraudi    at    yahoo    dot    com

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