apparent lean running issue?

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Mon Nov 10 18:17:20 PST 2008

Did you check the igloo for leaks. They're kind of hard to find.

On 11/10/08, Dave Yentema <yentemad at> wrote:
> OK well, I've got every vacuum leak that I know of taken care of, just put
> a
> new VC gasket on, replaced 90% of my vac lines (the rest I know are fine),
> put a new o-ring on my oil dipstick, new oil filler cap, silicone breather
> hoses from 034, etc. I wish I had a WB 02, but my narrowband shows a
> definate trend of running lean. At idle sometimes it'l wobble back and
> forth
> around stoich, going slightly(like one "bar") rich which is the way I had
> originally set it. But most of the time it bounces slightly lean to high
> stoich, sometimes rich, and the idle surges as it changed. When I first hit
> the gas to accelarate, it'll snap down so lean its not on the gauge and
> then
> come back up, bouncing from like 3 bars of lean to 1 bar of rich, while
> spending more time in lean. Under full throttle it'll go rich like it
> should, but the second I let off the slightest bit it'll start bouncing
> lean
> again even under boost!!!. on decel(letting my foot off completely from
> doing like 50) the exhaust pops irradically, and the gauge is all over the
> place but likes to hang out in the rich area( my car's an autobox, so no
> decel valve) I felt it miss twice the other day under mild accelaration. I
> was thinking perhaps it was my injectors/seals because for a while I had a
> leaky VC gasket, so maybe the seals got soaked with oil and got destroyed.
> Any suggestions are awesome
> Oh yea, its a 87 5ktcs
> -Dave
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