apparent lean running issue?

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If you have not replaced your injecvtor seals yet then by all means - do it! You could
actually be blowing fuel out of the injector seal area while under boost and at idle
pulling in too much air making it lean.  New injectors are not a bad ideal and in the
interest of labor, I'd do sealks and injectors at same time, to save on labor.


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Subject: apparent lean running issue?
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OK well, I've got every vacuum leak that I know of taken care of, just put a 
new VC gasket on, replaced 90% of my vac lines (the rest I know are fine), 
put a new o-ring on my oil dipstick, new oil filler cap, silicone breather 
hoses from 034, etc. I wish I had a WB 02, but my narrowband shows a 
definate trend of running lean. At idle sometimes it'l wobble back and forth 
around stoich, going slightly(like one "bar") rich which is the way I had 
originally set it. But most of the time it bounces slightly lean to high 
stoich, sometimes rich, and the idle surges as it changed. When I first hit 
the gas to accelarate, it'll snap down so lean its not on the gauge and then 
come back up, bouncing from like 3 bars of lean to 1 bar of rich, while 
spending more time in lean. Under full throttle it'll go rich like it 
should, but the second I let off the slightest bit it'll start bouncing lean 
again even under boost!!!. on decel(letting my foot off completely from 
doing like 50) the exhaust pops irradically, and the gauge is all over the 
place but likes to hang out in the rich area( my car's an autobox, so no 
decel valve) I felt it miss twice the other day under mild accelaration. I 
was thinking perhaps it was my injectors/seals because for a while I had a 
leaky VC gasket, so maybe the seals got soaked with oil and got destroyed. 
Any suggestions are awesome

Oh yea, its a 87 5ktcs


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