more fuel questions

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Tue Nov 11 13:39:51 PST 2008

Terribly sorry, i have a 87 5kt, not quat though.

I'm sorry i've been jumping around so much with my plans for this car. I 
have the preventative maintnence people telling me change everything now 
before it goes bad, and the people saying as long as its not showing serious 
signs of wear let it go for now. This car ISN"T my only car right now, so 
its not a huge deal currently if something breaks as long as I'm near 
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I'm pretty sure you have a 5ktq, Dave, but it would be a good idea to
include the year and model in your messages.  CIS changed almost every
model year, I think.

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Pretty much the general consensus is that I am working with 20 year old
parts that are just plain old worn out. As well as my NB afr gauge being
spliced into my 02 signal may be interupting what the ECU sees

 So that means the injectors, fuel pump and fuel accumulator are the next
major thing on my list of things to do I fear... I know that there are
Mercedes equivalents as well as drop in upgrades for my injectors that are
considerably cheaper, do any of you guys have info on that? Also for the
fuel pump and accumulator, these things are friggen expensive as well, any
advice on a good source?
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