95 A6q Power Window Dilemma

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Mon Nov 17 05:48:52 PST 2008

ignition switch.
$20 part, and 1-2 hours of labor if you've never done it


toomanyaudis at aol.com wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I've been having problems with my power windows (95 A6q 5spd). For a couple of months it's been an intermittent problem where I'd have no power upon startup, then a few minutes into the drive, power would return to the system. Upon restart, it would be 50/50 as to whether the system had power or not.
> Then, more recently, the system would show it had power (door switches would all be lit), which would last until I tried to roll a window down. 
> Now, for the last couple of weeks, I pretty much had no power at all.
> Today, I tore into the door, thinking I had a broken wire or two in the rubber accordian boot. to my dismay, all appear to be in good condition, and tested as solid with my multimeter.
> I investigated further, and took the trim off by the power window control unit. And... there was a bit of water on wires -- not a pool of water, but a few drips. Don't know how it got there, as I cleaned out the firewall drains very well a few weeks ago, but it's possible that there was some water seepage from around the relay box under the hood -- we've had some torrential rains the past few weeks.
> I gave the power control unit a few raps with a screwdriver, as I've temporarily brought relays back to life doing this, and I had power to the switches once more. Then, I pushed a switch and all went dark again.
> Do I need a new power window control unit, or could the problem lie elsewhere? Is this unit common to the 100's and A6's, just the A6's, or perhaps just similar 95 A6's with 5 speeds? More importantly, does anyone have a unit they'd like to sell for a reasonable price?
> Thanks,
> Tom 
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