Pardon the intrusion - For sale cross-posting....

Richard Beels rbeels at
Fri Nov 21 09:28:12 PST 2008

Also in the MarketPlace but posting to the lists because if anyone 
wants something, you'll need to act quickly...

3 90Qs and over a ton (literally) of spares.  #1 would be road-worthy 
with just a little work, #2 is an extra that should have been sold 
because it's just been sitting there and #3 is the donor car.

1. 89 90Q Gold ~150K, daily driver until a few months ago.  Needs new 
brakes (rotors, calipers & pads) all around, otherwise ready to 
run.  Headliner coming down - mostly though just needs a good cleaning.

2. 88 90Q Blue ~90K, hasn't seen the road in maybe 4 years but is 
driven around the driveway in snowstorms for gits and 
shiggles.  A$$-packed at a red-light, has salvage title as bought 
back from insurance.  Frame tweak pulled, 80Q trunk installed.  Needs 
the trunk release replaced and I think one of the headlight assys is 
loose and there's a short in one of the taillights.

3. 88 90Q Silver ~130K, runs but hasn't seen the road in maybe 4 
years.  Parked because it needed front ball joints and still needs 
them installed.  Brakes & exhaust almost certainly rotted from 
sitting.  Trunk perfed from rust above license and driver's side 
taillight cracked (have a spare).  Needs alternator installed (have), 
cluster master cylinder installed (don't have) and a good airing 
out.  Definitely a project car if you wanted to get it running but 
otherwise a good parts car.

Parts (used, unless noted):
Front Bumper (893 807 105D) primed - NIB
2 rear suspension assy (hub, shock, spring)
rear subframe
rear diff
most of an engine in parts: Block, head with E.M, throttle body, fuel 
rail w/injectors & fuel lines
4 boge rear shocks - NIB
2 boge front struts - NIB
2 strut bearings - NIB
set of LCA bushings - NIB
Jamex strut bar from the 1999 Group Buy - NIB
A/C Compressor
Fuel pump or 2 - at least 1 NIB
2 or 3 cabin blower fans, 1 or 2 fan relay resistors
half dozen or so caliper service kits: pins, boots, lube, bolts
assorted fuel lines (pump/accumulator area) & banjo bolts, accumulator
window regulators
doorlock assemblies, door locking hardware & vaccuum pumps (Go Team 
Doorhandle Go!)
Trunk spoiler (silver)
2 drivers-side doors, complete (navy)
set of springs from a 20V
20 pounds of relays (literally)  :-)
lots of centercaps for the basketweave wheels
4 Firestone Winterfires - 195/60 R14, mounted, lots of tread
4 Firestone Winterfire 185/75 R14 (whitewall striped), new
extra 15" Conti spare
4 Neon Spec Racing Slicks - website says Toyo RA-1 205/55 R14. 
scrubbed, never raced
3-4 sets of tires & basketweave wheels, various tires
Delrin LCA bushings  for a 92 90Q

Also, have some A4 (96-01) stuff:
set of rubber floormats (ZAW 179-001-A Black)
4 Pirelli PZero Nero 205/55 R16, unmounted, lots of tread
4 Bridgestone Potenza RE910 205/55 R16, unmounted, lots of tread

This is just a highlight listing from memory, cars 2 & 3 are 
literally stuffed with boxes of parts - trunk & cabin.  And I need 
the space in the garage/trailer.

Located in NE PA, 18444 zipcode.  If you want to come and do the 
brakes on #1, you can use the garage & lift.

If you want a car, we can go digging for parts and you can probably 
talk me into taking all the parts you can carry/load/whatever.  Which 
means if you just want parts, make a better offer because I don't 
really have the time to go digging for a single part.  :-)  Which is 
the main reason I'm finally giving up hope of getting these back on 
the road.  :-(

No reasonable offer refused.  Heck unreasonable offers will probably 
be accepted.  I just want these into the hands of someone who 
wants/needs them rather than the crusher...


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