Price going down on OEM parts : was Fuba Betina...

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Wed Nov 26 10:03:28 PST 2008

You know what ? 

Honey and the 2 girls left home two minutes ago for 3 days in Quebec City so
I can work more efficiently ! As my office is at home now, my days are
10h00AM to 4h00PM, and a bit of work at night after the older one is asleep.

As for work on the car, it is indeed last in the list of priorities, sadly.
But the kids will grow, taking less and less time, and then who knows ? You
just have to wait a dozen years... :-)


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De : Martin Pajak [mailto:martin at] 

SQ is on hold till I find some more time.  Small kids do not allow for
much of that.  By the time they are asleep I am wiped and do not feel like
doing much work, especially if it creates noise hence waking up the wee

Hope I can send the family away on vacation so I can get some more work


> Louis-Alain Richard
> I don't want to start a war but I have a few comments.
> The hood cable handle I got with the cable is still metal, and the 65 mm
> exhaust donut that is on our OEM exhaust was not available from any source
> I
> know (Walker, Bosal, Maremont-Ansa). 60 mm is what we can easily find
> after
> market, not 65 mm (857253137).
> As for the strut mounts, the ones I have here in my basement are blue,
> unless I am color blind. But you may be right that the quality of these
> new
> "blue" is the same as the cheaper "greens" we can find everywhere. We'll
> see
> in a couple years, if they last longer than the "24-months at the most"
> greens.
> On another side, how far are you with your SQ project ?
> Louis-Alain
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> Louis,
> Yes, the prices were higher, however you have to be careful because on
> some of the NLA items some dealers (not all) will go aftermarket.
> Hood cables are $7 aftermarket and ANSA donuts are $10 each.  Quality is
> not the same.  Hood cable handles are now plastic and donuts are that
> cheap soft material that falls apart rather quickly.
> The blue mounts are NLA and the dealer will sell you the green stuff
> that's $15 aftermarket.
> Just my $0.02
> Cheers
> Martin
>> Could it be that Audi heard us years ago when we complained about the
>> high
>> prices for regular wear items ? Since a year or so, I am often surprised
>> that some parts are actually very competitively priced : upper strut
>> mounts
>> (44$), cowl water separator (36$), hood cable (14$), exhaust
>> gasket-donut
>> (18$). In 2001-2002, I am sure, these parts were much pricier, the strut
>> mounts were 125$ each and the exhaust donut was 75$.
>> Maybe after all they are listening to this list, and think the
>> preservation
>> of older Audis is a worthwhile task?
>> Louis-Alain

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