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 Just FYI, you can change all the parts off the plastic hood cable and mount it to the steel one.? I do that to the urq's I service in Chicago. Order the plastic one and raid it for the good stuff for the steel handle.

Scott J



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No prob, just a warning, I've seen it before.

SQ is on hold till I find some more time.  Small kids do not allow for
much of that.  By the time they are asleep I am wiped and do not feel like
doing much work, especially if it creates noise hence waking up the wee

Hope I can send the family away on vacation so I can get some more work done.


> Louis-Alain Richard
> I don't want to start a war but I have a few comments.
> The hood cable handle I got with the cable is still metal, and the 65 mm
> exhaust donut that is on our OEM exhaust was not available from any source
> I
> know (Walker, Bosal, Maremont-Ansa). 60 mm is what we can easily find
> after
> market, not 65 mm (857253137).
> As for the strut mounts, the ones I have here in my basement are blue,
> unless I am color blind. But you may be right that the quality of these
> new
> "blue" is the same as the cheaper "greens" we can find everywhere. We'll
> see
> in a couple years, if they last longer than the "24-months at the most"
> greens.
> On another side, how far are you with your SQ project ?
> Louis-Alain
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> Louis,
> Yes, the prices were higher, however you have to be careful because on
> some of the NLA items some dealers (not all) will go aftermarket.
> Hood cables are $7 aftermarket and ANSA donuts are $10 each.  Quality is
> not the same.  Hood cable handles are now plastic and donuts are that
> cheap soft material that falls apart rather quickly.
> The blue mounts are NLA and the dealer will sell you the green stuff
> that's $15 aftermarket.
> Just my $0.02
> Cheers
> Martin
>> Could it be that Audi heard us years ago when we complained about the
>> high
>> prices for regular wear items ? Since a year or so, I am often surprised
>> that some parts are actually very competitively priced : upper strut
>> mounts
>> (44$), cowl water separator (36$), hood cable (14$), exhaust
>> gasket-donut
>> (18$). In 2001-2002, I am sure, these parts were much pricier, the strut
>> mounts were 125$ each and the exhaust donut was 75$.
>> Maybe after all they are listening to this list, and think the
>> preservation
>> of older Audis is a worthwhile task?
>> Louis-Alain

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