Intake Manifold: Audi 4KQ vs. '89 Audi 100

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Nov 26 14:28:55 PST 2008

L DC wrote:
> Just throwing it out there.
> Would anyone know or have an idea what kind of power gains and fuel
> economy can be gained by swapping VW QSWs' intake manifold (JT engine code-- same drive-train as Audi 4KQ) for that of an '89 Audi 100, non turbo, automatic tranny one?
> The Audi's intake manifold in comparison is the type that hovers
> over the valve cover.

The heads are different, and so is the injector location, if that 100 
engine is the 2.3 with the two-piece manifold.

> About three years ago, someone posted (not sure if here or the samba or vwvortex) a similar intake manifold for sale, and claimed compatibility with that of an Audi 4KQ. The seller claimed power gains of around 30 HP, if memory serves me well.

30 hp?  By swapping a part from a 130 hp (high compression) engine to a 
115 hp engine?  Color me skeptical of that "claim".

> If so and doable, and the claims are true, that's would be a nice little power gain upgrade. Matched to a free-flow, catless exhaust system and you're easily looking at 150HPs for a non-turbo, non-chipped engine.
> I assume is compatible to the Audi 4KQ's and, thus, VW QSWs' cylinder head; granted the fuel lines need to be swapped along with other stuff from the Audi's, but looks doable.
> I wonder if the fuel distributor would also need to be swapped,
> probably not?
> The intake boot would probably need to be modified, somehow, as well
> or probably swappable altogether.
> There's nothing wrong with the intake manifold in my VW QSW, just
> wondering about cheap alternatives to increase power.

Ah, "cheap alternatives to increase power" (for n/a engines), if only 
they existed...

Huw Powell

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