Audi 20v

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Thu Nov 27 16:10:03 PST 2008

Before you quit us for Motorgeek :-), I can tell you that upgrading to a 20v
will be easy, but to fit a turbo on one will be expensive. These engines
were not designed to be turboed, too much compression.

The easiest path, not that it will be easy, is to pick a 10VT from a
5000/200, convert it to EFI via Megasquirt or 034EFI, and go. You'll need
the complete engine, some easy to find EFI injectors and VW Digifant
injector inserts and a suitable EFI ECU from the above suppliers. That way
you'll forgo the CIS injection that is difficult to install without an
urQuattro airbox. You'll still need an urQ downpipe, or fabricate one,
you'll have to fit a crank sensor (034EFI sells a suitable crank pulley) and
find a suitable throttle body and intake manifold (from a 1983-1986 Turbo
5000 FWD is memory is correct).

If you follow that route, you'll get a strong 10VT engine, bulletproof and
all, and get rid of the majority of the problems associated with 20 years
old technology. You're looking at 180-200 horses with a stock engine and
turbo. Oh, bonus points, you'll get the most fabulous sound in small
displacement engines.

Good luck, 

1983 Quattro with a stock and rebuilt 2.1 liter turbo engine.

-----Message d'origine-----

I am looking to possibly upgrade my 1989 Audi 80 Quattro 10v to a 20v.
Either that or rebuild my 10v. What is a good way to get a hold of a used
20v. I also want to upgrade with a turbo, which engine is better for that?

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