Audi 20v

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Nov 27 16:26:36 PST 2008

Michael Walker wrote:
 > I am looking to possibly upgrade my 1989 Audi 80 Quattro 10v to a 20v. Either 
 > that or rebuild my 10v. What is a good way to get a hold of a used 20v. I 
also > want to upgrade with a turbo, which engine is better for that?

You can probably find a 10V turbo or 20V turbo still in the car.
Accidents, bad clutches or transmissions may make the car financially
unworthy of repair, and the owners can get more money parting them
out. Find one nearby to save on shipping.  Or try one of the usual
used parts sources: or  If you
are ambitious, you might try a V8. :)

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