Audi 200 mc2 residual fuel pressure

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I posted years ago about the effects of oxygenated fuels on my 10V URQ (especially here at altitude) and no one believed me. My car was vapor locking in the winter, when we switched to oxy fuel. I also installed a switch to run the cold start valve and it performed well as a work around.
Then I did the permanent solution. TWENTY VALVE 3B!!!
No more CIS!!
I hate CIS. (rant mode off) 


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Hi Geraint,
I think you shouldn't worry about the mechanical condition of your car, it's
he fuel...
While I'm here in Atlantic Canada for vacations, the Saab (2001, 9-5 2.3
urbo with 150 000 km) is experiencing a very rough cold start in the
orning. But every other start of the day is perfect. Today, it was around
0 celsius this morning (50F), I had to crank her for 20 seconds before she
ired. I've spend the next 15 minutes on the web to find a solution since
'm 1300km from home, with no Saab dealer in sight. If a part is failing, I
ant time to get it here before we leave.
What I learned tru Saabnet and other forums, is that the summer fuel (low
apour formula) is NOT suited for operation in the low temps we see these
ays. Even one friend's Volvo 2001 V70 (Danny) had this very problem this
orning, the first time he see that on hi
s car. It is abnormally cold around
ere since a week...
I've also learned that premium fuel is worse, to the extent that Saab
ealers when confronted to that problem, suggest people to switch to regular
uel until temps are normal. Same problem arise in fall before they switch
o winter fuel.
Maybe you can validate my last theory : I usually fuel my cars at
etro-Canada (94 octane for the urQuattro, 91 for the Saab) or at Ultramar,
oth of which are near my home. Ultramar is the provider of fuel for many
rands, including Petro-Canada, but except Irving. Here in Atlantic Canada,
rving is the major supplier for fuel, and is the only one I use since 2
eeks. The Saab is hard to start since we arrived, but usually came to life
n a few seconds, except today's very cold morning. Is this related ? Did
ou fuelled your 200 at Irving ? I'll have another data point tomorrow when
he temps should it 23C (73 F) for the remainder of the week.
I am sure a lot of people on this list will corroborate this summer fuel
Your car is fine. It's the fuel.

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Guys, still issues starting the car!
It's ok in the day but it's a bit hard in the morning.
I have fixed a nubmer of things and checked more! Including stuck  
arbon canister valve, misc air leaks
Residual fu
el pressure is 3.2 bar after 20 mins, 2.8 bar after an hour  
nd 1.4 the next morning. Is this normal?
Csv is not leaking
Check valve swapped and no change
Injectors are 2 years old with 29k miles ish
No puddles of fuel under the car
New fuel filter
Runs rough with the dipstick out
Duty cycle at 40%
Everything clicks and buzzes durin the output tests
During the day it fires after 2 or 3 cranks then tries to die for a  
ouple of seconds then is fine
Any ideas

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