Audi 200 mc2 residual fuel pressure

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Tue Jul 7 04:28:12 PDT 2009

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> dgraber460 at wrote:
>> I posted years ago about the effects of oxygenated fuels on my 10V  
>> URQ (especially here at altitude) and no one believed me. My car  
>> was vapor locking in the winter, when we switched to oxy fuel. I  
>> also installed a switch to run the cold start valve and it  
>> performed well as a work around.
>> Then I did the permanent solution. TWENTY VALVE 3B!!!
>> No more CIS!!
>> I hate CIS. (rant mode off)
> I don't hate CIS, it works very well.  I do, however, hate the  
> crappy winter (oxygenated=pre-burnt) gasoline, which mucks up all  
> the calculations those smaht Germans at Bosch did based on a common,  
> consistent world-wide fuel supply.
> -- 
> Huw Powell

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