blinker works hazard lights

Mike Veglia msvphoto at
Wed Jul 15 13:30:20 PDT 2009

Kent McLean writes:

<< My old '94 100 S Avant has come back to haunt me. The current owner (S.O.'s son)
called to tell me that when he puts the blinkers on (either left or right), the
hazards come on (or I guess both sides blink). I asked if was that way inside
the car, or outside too. He said inside, and he could see the hazarda in the
bumper ahead of him, too. >>

Doesn't sound like an ignition switch related symptom. This sounds more like a bad blinker relay or possibly hazard light switch problem. No BTDT yet (thankfully) on our '95 A6q avant.

HTH and good luck.

Mike Veglia

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