'94 100 stays in 3rd - fixed

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Looks like your SO's son has some Audi-knack as well. You shall be able to
rest your worry!

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Kent McLean wrote:
> I wrote:
>> He noticed a connection coming off the TCU, with a brown and a
>> gray/black? wire.  Is that a diagnostic connection? Or does it go
>> somewhere special?
> More info...
> He found two loose black wires that go into a connector that
> goes to the TCU.  The TCU-side connector has a brown/red wire
> where the black wires go.

He played around with the wires and connections. He found one wire
that was broken/had separated from the harness, so he repaired that
and now he has a normal transmission again.

Problem solution:  check the TCU (right side footwell/kick panel)
for corroded connections and broken wires.

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