avant roof rails + mont blanc

Snoopy snoopy at noway.lt
Thu Jul 23 22:16:27 PDT 2009

Thanks for the answers. I don't think that 200's fast pace influences it's 
rail thickness though :)

Anyway, yesterday I managed to test Mont Blanc RF20 system, and it clamps 
quite good. The catalogue suggested this system and the cheaper 2520 model, 
which is the same I had problems with.

Geraint Lloyd wrote:
> I have Thule bars that clamp onto the rails on the 89 200 avant. Im not 
> sure if they are the same rails or not since the 200 is soooooo much 
> faster with all that extra power! The thule bars are adjustable for rail 
> thickness and are on the smallest setting, but clamp on hard amd there 
> is at least one lister who will confirm that ive hax a s61tload of stuff 
> up there with no problems.
> Geraint
> Sent from some obscure location by I-Phone
> On 2009-07-23, at 12:45, Grant Lenahan <glenahan at vfemail.net> wrote:
>> I can't speak for your C3(?). But on my C5 avant, i have the thule
>> system, whcih has rubber/aramid "feet" that attach to the metal roof
>> rails, never touching the painted roof.
>> I like it. I can carry all kind sof stuff.

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