pics of 90q tranny and slave cylinder

Radek radek at
Sat Jul 25 12:18:40 PDT 2009

You don't have to remove the tranny to do it.  However, you need to be a bit of an acrobat.  It's hard to put both hands in there.  If you remove the front driver-side wheel, you will be able to access the holding bolt with a long extension.  

The key will be not to break the bleeding nipple/fluid hose, they tend to be rusted pretty solidly in place.  I replaced both master and slave a few years back, it took me most of the day and a lot of swearing.  You may also need to reverse bleed it after, air bubbles tend to persist in the coils for a long time.
Good luck;


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Hi,I'm needing pics of the tranny with the slave on the top to help in the replacement of mine. Mine is a 1988 90q 10v. We'd rather not pull the whole tranny if we don't have to.


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