Audi 200 voltage

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Fri Jul 31 06:54:43 PDT 2009

I did the blue wire last year up to the air filter area although I never
actually put a meter on it.... 

I have changed the reg twice over the last couple of years, but maybe it's
due for a new one.

I could always buy one and if it's not that, keep the reg as a spare for the

I only replaced my original alternator because i elected to charge,
alternator first (if you will) through a big pile of wet snow a couple of
years ago. Since i am currently looking for another enthusiast to take on
the 200 10v then i am a bit reluctant to get a new one.

It might be interesting to work out who has had to replace their alternator
and how often then correlate that to geography and seasonal white stuff +
salt on the roads. 

It always seemed to me that having the alternator where it is on most audi
5pot turbos was a bit suicidal given that they are supposed to be "go
anywhere in any conditions"

"Hello, my name is Barny and I live in Kujuak. I change my alternator more
often than I change my pants(under)" 

Just my $0.02


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