Timing belt and water pump time

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Fri Jul 31 17:02:31 PDT 2009

I included the big list since the A8 list hasn't had a single post  
since I joined :-(. Patient is a '98 A8q, that's the 4.2l 32 valve V8.  
Just ticked over 211,000 miles (and she looks and drives like she's  
10,000 miles young still!!!).

Car has started to get hot when idling and I hear water pump bearings.  
Put that with the fact that the car came with no service records means  
it's time to work over the front of the engine. I'm planning on doing  
the timing belt, water pump, all of the rollers, timing belt  
tensioner, front main crank seal, cam seals, and valve cover gaskets  
so I won't need to open the hood again for a bit. Parts list with  
numbers for the archives at the bottom of the message.

I've done this on countless V6 Audis from 100's to Allroads and  
beyond, and I've done a few 40v V8's but never on this 32v. I tried  
looking up the cam locking cross bar with AST and all of the tool  
trucks, but it seems this engine doesn't use it. Is that true? Are the  
cam gears keyed to the cam the old fashioned way with timing marks on  

If anybody out there could send along the torque spec for the cam  
pulley bolts, tensioner and relay rollers, and big crank bolt I'd be  
much obliged.

  Tensioner roller 077 109 243a
Relay roller (2 needed) 077 109 244a
Crank seal 054 115 147b
Cam seal (4 needed) 026 103 085d
Cam cover gasket set (2 needed) 077 198 025
Cam plug (2 needed) 078 103 113e
Timing belt tensioner 077 109 246b
Water pump 077 121 004h
Timing belt 077 109 119e

-Cody (mobile)

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