need help with my van

Fay Kelley iceisit at
Mon Jun 15 10:49:55 PDT 2009

>"Al S" <streichea001 at> writes:
>> > Also, I suspect the shop concerned just wants to make money.
>I think the reason they didn't allow anyone in the bay to look at the
>defective parts may be because they saw the new part installed that they
>had diagnosed.  Most shops don't like doing the grunt work of
>troubleshooting a problem on their dime only to have the customer repair
>it themselves or take it to another shop.

well in this case that is wrong analysis

this was the FIRST time this front end shop saw my car
I took it in for a front end alignment... had to make 3
trips back to get in and then ended up with a 2 hour wait
to have them tell me no go, and I was the first one
in the shop at 7:45.

Seven Day Auto did the harmonic balancer and told me
what else was wrong :  idler arm
I offered to pay him for the diagnositics and he
wouldn't have any part of it.

he said very clearly:   "If you have any problems or
need help with anything, feel free to call me on the phone any time."

Another man, obviously more poor than us, came in with
a part to ask questions, and left with the part to fix
the car himself.

so not every shop is like that.   and if they are, I don't go

I have not had time with all of our camping out in forest
service to get in their yet as he is understandably swamped.

we are taking out boat out for the first time today and I
will swing by 7-day to see if they have time to look at the front

>I second the need for a second opinion too.  While not neurosurgery, on a
>vehicle of this age a backyard mechanic may find that torches and air
>chisels are necessary once the surgery has begun.  If the job gets to a
>point where it can't go forward or back, towing it to shop for repair
>will cost much more than any original estimate.

good point, but well take a good look ... he did the idle arm and
two u joints with no problem.

>Dealer might be cheaper, but, I don't think there are any left!

there IS a dodge dealership here, and I have bought parts there
I couldn't get elsewhere, BUT after my experience with Audi
in Scottsdale I won't be letting any dealership do any work for
a long long long time, LOL

Cheers,  Fay

"Life is Good !" 

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