reminder about scams, a little further detail

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Mon Jun 15 15:15:37 PDT 2009

Wow....alot of questionable stuff in this thread.
For the record - Enbridge Gas has service staff that make sure the line to 
your house is not leaking etc. etc......they do not have door-to-door sales 
The door-to-door guys will say ANYTHING to see your bill - ask the next one 
if they're from the Canadian Nuclear Inspection Agency or from Homeland 
Security.....They'll probably say "yes".
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> Here's a great scam.... gas contract salespeople will ask to see your bill
> to be sure that you are enrolled in the 'cost savings' or have the
> 'protection'.  NEVER show any of these people your gas bill, electric bill
> etc...they use details off the bill to sign you up right then and there.
> You think nothing has happened, bingo you are now their client.  In Canada
> company called Enbridge does this. MOFO's I say. Mofo's. 

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