reminder about scams, a little further detail

Mon Jun 15 16:40:03 PDT 2009

"Here's a great scam.... gas contract salespeople will ask to see your  bill
to be sure that you are enrolled in the 'cost savings' or have  the
'protection'.  NEVER show any of these people your gas bill,  electric bill
etc...they use details off the bill to sign you up right then  and there.
You think nothing has happened, bingo you are now their  client.  In Canada
company called Enbridge does this. MOFO's I say.  Mofo's."
Reminds me of the long distance scam when it became possible to purchase  
from different carriers. There was a long distance provider named Home  
Owners Long Distance (*HOLD"). They would record the solicitation phone call and  
ask "Do you mind if I put you on HOLD?". Your polite assent became your  
Tom Faust

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