FW: Ignition Switch Failure Mode

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 10:41:50 PDT 2009

If all the VAG switches that I've replaced, I've never seen one fail
in that mode. I'ts always been no crank, accessories not working, or
failure to return from start. Never seen one kill the spark or fuel
during cranking.


> As per the title, I was wondering what the failure mode of the electrical
> part of the ignition switch was?
> Are they known to fail such that the motor will crank but there is no spark
> or fuel?
> I would prefer to keep any answers to this issue restricted to the one
> question at the moment, if you guys don't mind. I will post again regarding
> other crazy theories that i might have later on.....
> Geraint

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