FW: Ignition Switch Failure Mode - BIG RED BUTTON

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Fri Jun 19 12:23:14 PDT 2009

Can I program some whirring/whining noises ala F18 fighter jet though at
least? Good point for sure about the pushbutton... makes sense.

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I get a no crank sometimes...back off the switch and on again and it will
crank/start.  I bought the electrical portion of the assembly but have not
changed. I'm debating and leaning towards going to a dual toggle switch
configuration... turn the key to unlock the steering column, then switch one
toggles to ON position, with 2nd switch to toggle the starter.... I hope I
find some big red button I can use that will make things look cool as well.
(some sort of ejection button or the like..or what mad max would pull on his
car to give boost).  

If you do bypass the ignition switch electrics, don't use a toggle for the
starter.  Use  pushbutton because you might toggle it on when the engine is
running and ruin the starter or the flywheel or both.

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