A8 Trans update

Dave dave.eaton at clear.net.nz
Mon Mar 16 03:27:20 PDT 2009

cody, you probably already have a ton of emails on this, but the self study
guide for the 01l transmission has the fluid and solenoid/clutch state
diagrams for all gears.  let me know if you haven't got this, i think i've
got a scanned copy laying around somewhere.

'03 rs6
'04 allroad tdi

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> "John Cody Forbes" <cody at 5000tq.com> wrote
> http://jcforbes.com/jcfpics/a8trans_3-15-09
> Well that actually went rather well. I'm realising that the captions for the
> photo's are a good tool, so text is the e-mail is getting less useful ;-).
> Had I not slept in this morning there's a good chance I would have had the
> trans completely back together today. Now the larger issue is that I don't
> THINK there is anything else that can cause issues, but I don't know that
> for a fact. I've been through ELSAWin and the family album a few times and
> it looks like the only valves, pistons, and solenoids are in the pump and
> the valve body. From what I can see all passage ways lead back to those two
> areas and are clear. Even so it's still a big gamble to spend 9 or 10 hours
> to put the trans back in and then have to spend that taking it back out
> again if this fails!! Of course I bet those times are going to down now that
> I figured out what I'm doing.
> I'm thinking that I may try to build a little bracket to bolt to the torque
> converter with a half inch drive socket on it. I could at least spin the
> trans up and see if it pumps oil as somebody else suggested. I know that in
> the car it didn't pump oil at all since the oil level didn't change
> depending on if the engine was running or not. ELSAWin does have a chart as
> to which solenoids should be open and closed for each gear so if I can find
> a wiring diagram I guess I could even shift it into a gear and see what
> happens.
> Alas it must wait because I have to put a lower control arm on my better
> half's 5000 tomorrow night, then Tuesday the shop must be closed up by 5pm.
> The suspense is killing me and it's only been building for a few hours!
> Question for the list: This trans failure has nothing to do with the
> 'normal' A8 trans problems since this one is a victim of foreign object
> damage, not it's own failure. Anybody out there have any clue what DOES fail
> on these things? At this rate I could sell this car for a 1,000% profit (not
> kidding, and it would still be a good deal for the buyer) and go get another
> one and start over.

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