Low Idle '98 A4 2.8 AWH

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Spark Plugs and Wires if you haven't done it yet..


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> '98 2.8 AWH 5-speed
> Just got thru replacing the ignition switch in order  to get the load
> reduction relay to work, turned out to be only a bad connection  someplace 
> in the
> steering column, anyway everything works fine now except the  car wants to
> idle at 500 once it is warm.
> In my attempt to diagnose the  problem with the load reduction relay I
> pretty much pushed, pulled and plugged  back in every relay & fuse under 
> the
> dash. The only thing I did under the  hood was disconnect the battery (the
> battery was disconnected for about 3  days).
> Once warm if you rev the motor it will drop to 400 come up to 500 and
> during the next 20 seconds will climb to just under 800 and stay there. If 
> you
> are coming down a freeway off ramp and just leave it in 5th until it's 
> time
> to  push in the clutch at the stop sign, the motor  will die.
> Where do I start?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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