EFI on a 10 V

mccohens at aol.com mccohens at aol.com
Wed May 6 14:49:52 PDT 2009

Not affordable, no matter how you cut it.? Unless you go real ghetto there are a bunch of gotchas.? Like
new injectors and rail
WB system.? Don't even kid yourself about a NB
fuse panel
a dozen relays
Laptop to program it
most likely all new intercooler plumbing
new air filter
fuel pressure regulator
braided hoses
throttle position sensor
crankcase breather system

An 034 1B with a stock engine will only get 250.? To pass that you need a bigger turbo and the list just begins there.?

My 1B project has chewed through almost 3 grand but that includes three revisions of exhaust systems and two versions of intercooler setups.? 

Want to do it on the cheap?? Mine is in the classifieds!

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