Gotti wheels

Peter Golledge petergolledge at
Thu May 14 17:05:34 PDT 2009


Yep lift off just a little in a corner and you are staring (insert
demon/deity of choice) in the face.  However that's why I own such a
machine; it is the scariest car I've ever driven bar none.  My wife thought
I was nuts when I purchased, up to the point she drove it.  Now she loves
the car and knows I'm nuts. :-)

Wifey also drives the LT-1Q at steamboat and tortures the P-Car folk at
"ladies day" and so probably qualifies as the right kind of nutcase for a
930. ;-)

All that said modern _correctly sized_ tires have tamed some of the worst of
the early 930 habits.  When these cars came out their 16" wheels were
unheard of and exactly one set of street tires were readily available to
meet the specs.

> How would that combination ruin the handling of the Porsche?  Don't most
> rear engined Porsches have that or a similar combination?
> 911 Turbos ("930" to many people) handle like crap for most drivers
anyway.  They're positively EVIL in the hands of a less-than-highly-skilled
driver.  I would venture to say that "most" Porsches equipped with Gotti
wheels were owned/driven by people in the aforementioned group


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