88 90q slave cylinder

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Tue May 19 15:57:47 PDT 2009

urQ guys are usually able to push the roll pin from the passenger side
wheelwell, with a very long extension on a 6 mm dia. punch. I did it in
place, from above, with a stubby 2 lbs hammer and a 6 mm long shank punch
before someone told me about the wheelwell trick. Took me more than 1 hour
just to remove that pin, and another 1/2 hour to push out the slave from
above with a 1/2in dia 36 in long steel rod. Now I can do it in 30 minutes

Wanna stop by Montreal ? Oh no, you can't, since the slave is dead... :-)

Good luck ! If need be, I can take pictures of the spare transmission I have
here in the basement. Let me know.


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Yep, it's just like that...!

Ed Kellock wrote:
> Shouldn't have to remove the tranny, but it won't be easy.  If it's
> anything like my CGT or urq, then it's right at the top of the
> transmission bell housing.  There's a split pin that holds the slave
> cylinder in place.  The slave is longitudinal or inline with the
> engine/tranny and the split pin is transverse. If you follow the hose from
> the master, you'll find the slave.
> Ed

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