abandoned supercars

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at maxboostracing.com
Mon Apr 5 14:53:52 PDT 2010

I took the following pictures at a well-respected Audi repair facility 
in the Pacific Northwest.

1972 Corvette Stingray: 
1973 Audi 100 LS: http://5000tq.com/audifanspics/Images/1973_Audi_100LS_01

There was also a 1982 Porsche 924 Turbo S in the same state of 
"natural-reclamation."  It was too difficult to get near in order to get 
pictures. <sigh>


p.s. I have to give another shout out of thanks to Cody Forbes for 
providing the web space to post all these images.

David Glubrecht wrote:
> Just down the street from me is a 63 split window corvette, that is claimed to be a numbers matching fuele that has been parked outside for 25 years and it looks it, covered in moss etc.  This is the car, but I found the pic in the net.
> http://www.classicnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/63corvette1-450x312.jpg
> and for Audi content, My $500 S1 replica racecar has had the rad moved to the trunk and did well in testing last fri at a track day.
> http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4200260&page=6
> David Glubrecht  
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>> A couple of observations, many of those pictures seem to be out of the USA. 
>> Although I am surprised by the number of Gull Wings which have always 
>> retained their value (I did have a friend who bought one for $3500 in the 60's) 
>> most of these cars such as the Jaguars have fallen to very low values at 
>> some period of time. They were probably put aside and got worse. Many of 
>> them seemed to be kit cars, which explains itself. Many like the RR's and 
>> Bentleys are very costly to maintain, when their value fell below the cost of 
>> repair, they were probably put aside. I can point anyone interested to 
>> several bone yard RR & Bentleys that look better than the ones pictured. My 
>> local "Donation" lot recently had a RR which was a "runner" and didn't look 
>> that bad for $3700. The Ferraris, E-types and Porsches have the same 
>> problem, high repair and maintenance with low values at some point. Another 
>> friend bought a Ferrari for $6,000 30 years or so ago. 330GT 2+2, IIRC.
>> Tom Faust
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