Abandoned Supercars

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"1963 Vettes didn't have 3 round tail lights on each side, only 2.  No 
what other abominations it has suffered. I'll offer 'em $500 for  it. :)"

I noted  the lights too, a common conversion at the time. Don't know why, 
probably  because "you could".  

If it were an original "fuelie" it would have a "call out" on the fender,  
that area is covered with a rag. 
It also looks like the rear wheel openings have been cut, a common  
modification because they came with tiny tires. This hurts "high value". Big  buck 
Corvettes are entirely "green" fiberglass. The replacement panels are  gray.
Sorry, couldn't find a way to squeeze in Audi content.
Tom Faust

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