quattro generation 6: the torsen is dead...

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Wed Apr 7 12:02:31 PDT 2010

Torsen is dead ? 

Then it's time to launch the "crown-gear at audifans.com" list to prevent the
epic debates that mandated the torsen at audifans.com list in the first


Ps : very interesting technology, and very well explained in the video.

-----Message d'origine-----

the rs5 debuts next generation of awd technology from audi.  it replaces the
generation 5 (t3) torsen with a crown wheel diff and a single clutch pack.
this allows a torque split to be controlled over and above the static 60:40
split.  unlike the generation 5 torsen (t3) which used an epicyclic gear set
to achieve a static torque split, the new differential uses a difference in
crown wheel gearing front:rear to achieve the same thing.  with this
technology, the car electronics now has the ability to directly control the
centre diff i.e.  to make it an active diff.

interestingly the rs5 doesn¹t have the (active) rear sport differential as
standard, using the brakes to achieve 4-wheel torque vectoring.  the sport
differential can still be ordered as an option.

one of the key factors in this change (other than the benefits of active
control) appears to be efficiency with the objective to reduce awd
drivetrain friction.

all explained here....


Œ03 rs6
Œ04 allroad tdi

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