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that's kinda what I was saying earlier, the fuel map won't change, but you'l never hit the upper regions of the fuel curve since you won't be hitting that much boost.  The map sensor should detect boost and give fuel accordingly.

Those injectors will not be much above 50% duty cycle at any time at 7psi, I wouldn't worry about it much.

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I just got through to the guy at Eurocode about the Revo software.  He said
that the only change in the detuned state is that the boost is limited to 7
or 8 psi.  So we would have somewhat limited acceleration, but the map is
unchanged.  Low boost mileage with those injectors is a question he couldn't
answer.  RS2 injectors are, what, 360 cc @ 3 bar/45 psi into 2.2L.  Maybe
034 would have some idea.



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Disconnect/Disable the WGFV which will only allow boost based on the waste
gate spring pressure.


But like others have said, only matter of time until he or someone figures
that out and reconnects it.



WIth injectors that big, mileage will be horrendous.






On Apr 7, 2010, at 9:32 AM, Steve Marinello wrote:

I know this isn't S-car related, but I am considering an '03 A4 1.8t that
has a big turbo mod and Revo switcheable software.  The components include:

1.         ATP GTRS turbo hardware 
2. ATP Manifold 1.8T Longitudinal HighFlow 
3. Revo Big Turbo software 
4. EuroCode Tuning EPipe TestPipe 
5. Bosch 52lb - High Impedance 550cc injectors 
6. 4 Bosch 3 Electrode Spark Plugs 

The car also has a Neuspeed cat back exhaust and Carbonio intake.  That
being said, any idea of how something like this would run on the stock
programming?  It has Revo's switchable capability and I'm wondering what the
stock tune would be like in terms of lag, performance and mileage.thinking
of putting the kid in it with stock programming.



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