quattro generation 6: the torsen is dead...

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 7 15:22:03 PDT 2010

OK, got the picture now. Very clever the way the 4 little gears are touching
each front and rear output flanges at different radius for a static 60-40
torque slip and then the clutch can modulate that split to suit different
driving needs... The beauty of this setup is that it's still a true
permanent 4wd with 3 diffs but with the latest technology to keep ahead of
the competition.

Not long ago, I was wondering out loud in my magazine "what can they still
improves on newer cars ?" This diff is indeed a nice proof that there is
always place for improvement.


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true active - the clutch pack is under constant control.  torque vectoring
is required to deal with the open front and rear diffs...

give me real torque vectoring - a sport diff any day...

'03 rs6
'04 allroad tdi

On 8/04/10 8:53 AM, "Louis-Alain Richard" <laraa at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Dave, is the diff "active" via the brake application from the ESP or is
> there another actuator that effectively press on the diff clutch pack ?
> Louis-Alain
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> nah, you've been living with abs software for years, this is effectively
> just the same.  the only difference here will be electro/mechanical
> interface...
> dave
> '03 rs6
> '04 allroad tdi

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