[urq] audi racing pikes peak - driverless!

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Apr 13 13:52:19 PDT 2010

NIck Miller wrote:
> This is all amusing and such, but then we sort of completely loose sight 
> of the purpose of a vehicle in the first place, don't we?  I think part 
> of the fun of racing is seeing a vehicle that is like, or somewhat like, 
> something you can drive everyday kicking ass and taking names up a steep 
> hill. 
> I would say that if racing became a bunch of automated skateboards the 
> audience's would become incredibly slim.

I dunno, the Mars Rovers were pretty popular...

> Also, this stuff sort of reminds me of how a Tomahawk Missile runs its 
> course.  They are pre-programed with a terrain map and they basically 
> compare their map with what they are actually seeing, and plot ahead 
> based on the info.  They also have the use of GPS, and a few other ways 
> of navigating, as well as s the newest Echoes being able to basically be 
> radio controlled from home.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Sorta sucks that 
> we just use them to blow people up, though.

Huw Powell



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