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Ahh, I did not know that. The procedure I have uses the cam noses to get
you in the ballpark to put in the crank holder. The fact remains, the
crank holder tool is the key to the operation, not the timing mark.

Tom LH
1995 90q

> The crank does indeed have a mark so that you can line up the crank so
> the crank holder tool fits properly.
> -Cody (mobile)
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>> Anyone give us direction on the timing marks on the cams for 2.8 V6?
>> The crank is easy but the cams not so much.
>> At least my old eyes can't see em.
>> Dennis
>> Yeah, as Mark Rutherford said, you need the tool. There are no timing
>> marks; on the crank or the cams. If you are seeing a mark on the crank
>> pulley, it is unrelated to the timing belt job. The crank is held in
>> position by removing the crank position sensor, then threading in a
>> holding tool. The cams have tapered noses with no key-way. The
>> pulleys are
>> held on with a really tight bolt. Also, the noses of the cams have an
>> asymmetric shape that keys into the tool. The pulleys are separated
>> from
>> the cams and correct cam timing is reestablished during the process of
>> changing the belt. I really don't picture succeeding at this job
>> without a
>> manual and a tool. Also, change the water pump and all of the idlers
>> while
>> you are in that deep.
>> Tom LH
>> 1995 90q
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