Low Oil Pressure Mystery

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Most likely the pump is tired. It probably is checked the same as the
Scirocco pump. I'd be veeerrry careful with a turbo and low oil pressure.

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Patient is an 01 A4 1.8T belonging to my GF.  The car was bought used
with about 80K on the clock.  It has been throwing low oil pressure
warnings for some time.  Car needs to be completely warmed up and the
warning light flickers on periodically for a few seconds and goes off
- usually when going uphill.

We dropped the pan expecting to find signs of sludge, but did not.
What we did find were small, bright, non-magnetic shavings.  We
theorized that the shavings were being sucked up against the intake
screen and reducing the oil flow.  Cleaned everything out and buttoned
up the car.  Problem was not fixed.

Pulled the valve cover thinking that if aluminum was flaking off
somewhere, that was the likely place.  All cam bearings look good.  No
sign of wear.

The engine sounds good.  No knocks or other unusual sounds.
Compression is good.  We are puzzled.  Next step is to replace the oil
pump. Still no idea of where the shavings might have come from.

What does the collective wisdom of the list say?

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