Stalling 2004 AllRoad in Pine, CO

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Tue Jul 5 15:00:23 PDT 2011

I remember that happening to me when I used to have an auto. 1993 90 CS. I ended up emptying out the cat and problem solved. Your 2004 is much more sophisticated and you need the cat.Tony

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> Subject: Stalling 2004 AllRoad in Pine, CO
> Hi
> Been a while since I've been here with questions. :)
> My sister lives out in Pine, CO, about an hour out of Denver. She's 
> running a 2004 2.7T AllRoad automatic. She loves this car, but there've 
> been some niggles lately.
> It's started stalling on the highway. First time it stalled she'd been 
> driving for about 15 minutes. Second time it was 45 minutes. No 
> overheating conditions.
> My immediate thought w.r.t the stalling is faulty fuel pump, but there's 
> so much that could be causing it (O2 sensors, crank/cam sensors, blocked 
> cats, DBW faulty, MAF faulty, etc, etc, etc). I've got no clues about 
> these 2.7T engines.
> About a month or so ago she reported some transmission noise. Stopped, 
> transmission in drive, there's some clicking noise going on. Only 
> evident when parked up next to a wall, like in a drive-thru. Put into 
> park and it goes away.
> Anyone near Denver or Pine who might have some OBD-II diagnostic tools 
> or might be willing to help track these faults down? Thought pulling the 
> error codes might help.
> Or any recommendations for a reputable shop that won't charge her an arm 
> and a leg for some diagnostics?
> Much appreciated.
> G.
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