quattro Digest, Vol 93, Issue 9

Gerard gerard at 2226.co.za
Wed Jul 6 14:16:54 PDT 2011


I was out there back in 2006 and it's a gorgeous place. My sister lives 
up in the Rockies. The view (burnt out or not) is just fantastic. My 
wife suffered from some serious altitude sickness. Since I'm a smoker I 
was pretty used to the lack of oxygen :D

Yeah, place is quattro country from what I recall. I'll tell her to look 
up Avalon. She said she's taking it to an Audi shop this Friday. It 
might even be Avalon.

On 2011/07/06 13:57, thejimrose wrote:
> wow it's suddenly like the old days in here!!
> wow pine is OUT THERE! must be gorgeous!
> best shop i know is avalon in denver. brian is a great dude. although 
> im sure every major metro area in CO has got good audi wrenches.. 
> that's quattro country.
>     Been a while since I've been here with questions. :)

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