[s-cars] temp gauge error, '99 A6

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Thu Jul 7 14:37:39 PDT 2011

To close two outstanding issues...

Bad temp sender was the source of the alleged overheating problem. Gauge 
said hot, actual temp was normal.

...and I did indeed have a plugged drain causing intermittent dripping 
into the passenger compartment. I had checked the drains and the left 
side ran fine...guess the right side didn't. :)


On 7/1/2011 3:23 PM, Lee Levitt wrote:
> A quick question...
> My mechanic replaced the coolant overflow tank on my '99 A6 this week. 
> Not long after, my daughter reported that the car was overheating -- 
> coolant temp gauge almost in the red and a warning on the dash. Oil 
> temp was normal. No other signs of an issue.
> After sitting overnight, upon starting, the engine coolant gauge 
> showed 3/4 hot. Shouldn't it read cold on a cold start?
> Does this sound like a sending unit or wiring issue rather than 
> something more ominous?
> Thoughts appreciated. We're taking a road trip tomorrow and I'd prefer 
> to take this car rather than the others...but not if there's any 
> question about the cooling system.
> Much appreciated.
> The car will go back to my mechanic on Tuesday for a formal inquisition.
> By the way, the car is black, if that makes a difference. :)
> Lee

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