Torn CV Boot

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Fri Jul 8 07:46:55 PDT 2011

Thanks for the comment.

I checked the boot with my fingers all around the boot in every crevice, the
bands at each end on the shaft and hub are tight any OK, there is a black
grease on surface of rubber. Cannot feel any irregularities on the rubber
surface at all.


38,000 km and 6.5 years on the life of the front axles and boots.


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I havent been watching the thread (sorry), but on the drivers side of a type
44 you dont need to undo any suspension. You can remove the wheel, remove
the inner CV bolts, remove outer CV nut, turn the steering wheel all the way
right, then wiggle the inner CV rearward and towards the top of the
transmission, then slip the outer CV out of the splines then towards the
rear of the car and slide the axle right out. I have done this a few dozen
times and can do it in just a few minutes thanks to the need to run my car
on a 2wd dyno from time to time (with a gutted outer CV installed to hold
the wheel bearing together).

-Cody (mobile)

On Jul 6, 2011, at 7:19 PM, Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:

> On 7/6/2011 4:59 PM, Tony Hoffman wrote:
>> I wouldn't go very long at all. Get any water in there, and you will
>> have a bad CV joint on your hands. The boot kits aren't bad, about $20,
>> the labor to change it. I'd do both the boots on that axle while it's
>> SHouldn't be much more in labor, most of it is pulling the axle itself.
> Might not even have to pull the axle - not sure how the type 44 is set up,
but on my 90q all I had to do was pull tire, remove axle bolt, drop the ball
joint to get some play, pull axle stub out of hub, and use axle bolt to pop
the CV joint & stub off the axle.  Clean, install new grease and boot and
> I wouldn't bother with the inner boot unless it looks bad or you do have
to pull the whole axle to do the job.
> Huw
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